League of Angels


League of Angels

League of Angels is a hybrid turn-based fantasy MMORPG/strategy game. Combining familiar multiplayer features with some new twists, League of Angels is a polished, unique experience in browser gaming. Players will embark on engaging quests, compete in massive PvP battles, and conquer challenging events, minigames, and more – all with the aid of mighty heroes and radiant Angels! Set off on your journey to re-awaken the Angels and bring peace back to a broken world!

In a fallen world, Angels that once brought wisdom and guidance have long ago been cast down, stripped of their powers and trapped into a dreamless slumber. Refusing to give in to despair, great heroes known as the Brave arose to fight back and uncover the secret to re-awakening the Angels.

As one of the Brave, you have sworn a sacred oath to fulfill this task. Recruit and train allies, craft powerful equipment, and seek out Angels to fight by your side to save the world!

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