The King of Fighters 98


The King of Fighters 98

A classic reborn! ‘THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 ULTIMATE MATCH ONLINE’ keeps to your all-time favorite characters’ appearance and their distinct fighting skills in the KOF series. Come recruit the most popular fighters to your team and build the strongest fighter lineup! This game is an evolution on the traditional card battle mode by incorporating combos into the real-time battles. It will bring you a completely new and exciting experience, with multiple promotion systems, immeasurable fighter lineups, exhilarating PVP mode! Re-experience the thrill of battling your friends in the world of KOF!

[Perfect reproduction of classic KOF 98 fighters]
Remember the familiar Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, and Mai Shiranui from your childhood? The mesmerizing game scenes, the awe-inspiring skills, the heart pumping sound effects, the one-of-a kind ultimate skills, and the authentic Japanese dubbing voices. It’s all here again! Come relive the heated battles in The King of Fighters! Never be K.O.!

[Build your own dream team]
Do you remember the time when you beat your friends with a superior lineup in KOF? In this game, besides the traditional 3-fighter team, you can add even more fighters into your battle lineup! More strategy, more chances to show you are the best. Don’t hesitate anymore; come build your own dream team!


[Combo battle mode, exhilarating fights]
Are you bored with games that where you have little control over the battles? This game includes an innovative QTE combo system in the battle mode to allow you to release your Ultimate Skill Attack when you think it’s best! Kusanagi Serpent, Maiden Masher, and Haoh Shoko Ken, perform these ultimate skills to defeat your enemies. Time your attacks right and you can deal a chain of perfect combos!

[Multiple systems, multiple playing methods]
Bars, Talents, Ultimate Trials, KOF Tournaments, Female Fighters Challenge and numerous other PVE & PVP playing styles. Come to the world of KOF, fight your way through the classical story campaign, challenge other players to become the King of Fighters! To become the king of all servers and create a legend that belongs to you!

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