Sausage Man is in UniPin now! (PH)
01 Sep · NEWS
Sausage Man is in UniPin now! (PH)

Sausage Man is a battle royale game that lets you dominate rival Sausages in hilarious fashion with clever wits and outrageous tricks. The game features explosive 100-player battles, a huge combat zone to compete in, and customizable Sausage combatants.

In addition to hardcore gunplay with realistic bullet physics and weapon modeling, Sausage Man’s wild and weird battle royale gameplay features a variety of gadgets and map elements that give you the freedom to come up with your own ridiculous methods of owning the competition and showing everyone that you’re the craziest Sausage of all such as launching yourself with a cannon, using wormhole grenades and an exosuit that transforms into a jet-powered vehicle.

Sausage Man is available in #UniPin now!

Reload Candies for Sausage Man with #UniPin here:

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Android: Sausage Man (Android)
Apps Store: Sausage Man (Apple Store)
Website: Sausage Man
Community: Sausage Man

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